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did @ community is a sub-basin approach to a systematic and integrated, in resolving related issues in the 7 DID throughout the district quickly, community-friendly and effective manner under the leadership of the district engineer and at the same time receive full support from the JPS and did Malaysia. did @ community adopted the method of DEEP (Describe, Explain, Evaluate, Prescribe) systematically designed as a management tool.

Seven major issues related to the field of responsibilities of JPS is the issue of flood, river management and coastal zones, river corridor, sources of water, stormwater, flood warning systems, and irrigation agriculture.

Did @ River under the community:-

District The Name Of The River Length (KM) River Water Quality
Kerian Semang River 5.7 III
Larut Matang and Selama Sg Batu Tugoh 10.9 II
Kuala Kangsar Sg, Rome 20.0 II
Hulu Perak Sg Lenggong 10.0 II
Perak Tengah River Drainage 3.2 III
Manjung Sg. Dendang 11.0 II
Kinta Sg Pari 28.8 III
Batang Padang Slim River 22.4 II
Kampar Sg Dipang 57.6 I
Hilir Perak Bidor River 67.0 II