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Finance Unit

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Creating a Financial Management System that is based on integrity and excellent work culture.


Implementing financial management systems efficiently and effectively towards realizing the department vision.


  1. Ensure JPS Perak Operating Budget is planned, prepared and managed in accordance with their needs and preferences.
  2. Ensuring JPS Perak Financial Management implemented efficiently and prudently according to Financial Regulation.
  3. Ensure all payments being processed within 10 days for State Provisions and 14 days for Federal.
  4. Ensure the maintenance and preparation of an updated, accurate and organized JPS Perak account.


  1. Preparation of Annual Budget for JPS Perak.
  2. Sub Allocation Warrant issued to the District.
  3. Managing requirements for transfer / add State Provisions.
  4. Managing JPS Perak Local Order and payment vouchers.
  5. Expenditure Control Vot Book and Federal and State Development Allocation.
  6. Sales of Quotation and Tender Document.
  7. Maintenance of Trust Account Deposits.
  8. Organise Finance Management and Account Committee meetings.
  9. Maintain financial control records with regular updates.

Client's Charter

  1. Distributing all small allocation warrants within five (5 days) of receipt of the warrant.
  2. Preparing Operating and Development Budget for the following year before the end of March.
  3. Payment executed within six (6) days from the date of receipt of complete documents.
  4. Ensure that travel claims and overtime payments made ​​within ten (10) working days from the date of application.