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Spp. 8/2007 (Cancellation of SP JPS No. 1/2003)

Appointment of Superintendent Officer (SO), the Delegation of Powers Authority Officer (Representative PP) and officials Authorised (PYDK) In Managing Contract Administration

SP JPS 4/2009

Update & standardize Evaluation Procedure and Preparation of Certified Quotation Paper for JPS Malaysia Quotation Committee.

SP JPS. 5/2009

The use of JKR Contract Form Revised 2007.

SPP. 6/2009 (Revised to SP JPS No. 4/2008)

Steps To Accelerate Interim Payment.

SPP. 8/2006

Consulting Services Procurement Manual 2006 Edition.


Government Procurement Management Procedures In Tender.

JPS Manual Volume 10

Contract Administration.