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Malaysia hydrology information system was developed in early 1996. As such it is a comprehensive national network for every state in Malaysia. In this database the data being loaded are ;

(i) Rain.

(ii) Evaporation.

(iii) The Discharge of the River.

(iv) Deposition of 'Ampai' River.

(v) Water Quality.

(vi) Spatial Data for GIS.

To meet the required data files and the work of collecting the data are being collected/obtained either manually or by using the logger device.

For Perak Telemetry System, a system was developed as early as the 90s. With the time pass by and the advancement of existing technology, existing devices become outdated which outputs are not compatible with current requirements. Perak State also has experienced problems in data collection where collection capabilities at around 30% in 2007. In view of the problems faced by the State of Perak, the Hydrology Headquarters has proposed a Perak Telemetry System Upgrade Project being conducted.

In August 2009 a tender was carried out and is still in development till now.