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General Questions

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1. Do JPS responsible for tap water problem?

JPS is not responsible for domestic or industrial water supply because JPS is only responsible for the supply of irrigation water to farmers / ranchers. Please contact the relevant authorities such as the Department of Public Works or the water / water board that fits in charge of the water supply in your area.

2. To whom should I complain for the local drainage problems or flash flooding?

JPS and local authorities are responsible for the respect of the drainage. In general, the local authority responsible for the construction and maintenance of the local drainage system, largely main drainage and secondary drainage. JPS is responsible for the river that may flow in and out of local authority areas. Flooding caused by a clogged drain and sewerage fall under the responsibility of local authorities. Floods caused by overflowing drains and rivers as a result of insufficient capacity is usually the responsibility of JPS. If in doubt please contact the Public Relations Officer in the office of JPS Perak or Urban Drainage Division and Flood Mitigation, JPS Perak.

3. Where can I get data about rainfall and river flow?

This information is published annually by the Hydrology Division of the Department of Irrigation and Drainage Branch located at Jalan Ampang (Tel: 03-4256 2657). Hydrology Division is currently developing a database system known as the Hydrographic Information System (HIS - Hydrologic Information System) which is capable of providing online information. JPS also collect some information about water quality, especially on the sediment load. For further details, or call Water Resources and Hydrology, JPS Perak at 05-522 5416/09.

4. Can anyone apply to use the land that are designated as "Rizab Sungai"?

Generally JPS does not encourage applications for use of our "Rizab Sungai" as we need to enter at any time for emergency repairs and also for the maintenance of the river. However, we may consider a specific application on a case-by-case basis. Please liaise with the River Section, JPS Perak for more information.

5. How can I request a pedestrian bridge?

JPS often receive requests to build a pedestrian bridge or bridge traffic light for local residents convenience. Please write a letter to our Liaison Officer / Corporate Section. This can also be referred to the Local Authority respectively. When writing to us, please include your address and phone number.

6. To whom do I complain about the problems of pollution?

We appreciate information on the reasons and causes of pollution. JPS is not the enforcement authority for pollution control but usually we will inform the matter to the Department of Environment for enforcement action.

7. To whom do I complain about the garbage that clog drains?

Please refer this matter to the local authorities responsible for the maintenance of these drains.

8. To whom do I report about the "Rizab Sungai" squatters?

If you see squatters began occupying a river "Rizab Sungai", and cause pollution and contamination of the river, you can contact JPS Perak immediately. JPS Perak will contact the relevant authorities to remove the squatters as soon as possible.