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River Section is responsible for planning and coordinating the implementation of various programs, projects and activities related to river management including coordination and monitoring the implementation of legislation and policies to ensure that the river basin is managed perfectly to the needs of conservation of quantity and quality of water resources. Staffed by a Senior Assistant Director, 2 Assistant Engineer, 2 Technicians and 2 Draftsman.

The river is a valuable asset, not a liability, the river can not be separated from life. River become the main water supply to the domestic water supply, industry and agriculture. Rivers are also important in the generation of hydro-electric energy, fisheries, water transport and recreation, as well as for the needs of the environment to sustain ecological systems and biodiversity. Therefore the river should be preserved and managed.

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Initiatives and Innovations

  • JPS Report Guidelines to Enforcement Agency.
    A guide to the JPS District how to handle JPS report to Enforcement Agencies related to matters that require enforcement action........... More Details
  • The Process of Returning the Deposit Money of Sand Acquisition.
    A Guide to JPS District about the documents which must be submitted for processing of applications to refund back the deposits of sand acquisition......... More Details

Past Stories

  • Love Our River Campaign.
    Public awareness of the importance of river conservation that have been implemented from 1993 to 2004 ........ Our River Campaign