Last Updated: 20 May 2024.
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River Reserve Gazette

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In accordance with the resolution of the National Water Resources Council who wanted the river reserves was gazetted, JPS Silver took the approach to proclaim River reserve under section 13 of the national land (NLC) first and followed by the publication under section 62 NLC in stages.

Provision of information and proposals was initiated in 2009 for the purpose of publication under section 13 NLC. The proposal was approved by the State Council in March 2010 and now in action PM for declaring the reserve. Information and proposals to the gazetted reserve under section 62 (NLC) is available. The priority is to rivers that DID'S project has been completed and land reclamation is complete.

Rivers that are currently in review are:-

  • Sg Hangai (Hulu Perak)
  • Bidor River (Teluk Intan)
  • Sg Kangsar (Kuala Kangsar)