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The role of the

Water resources management Division, Hydrology and water resources management through Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM) which includes the following items in accordance with the "ministerial functions Act 1969" Ministers of the Federal Government 2009 p.u (A) 222.

The objectives of the

Provide service excellence in the development and management of water resources and hydrology as a contribution to the development of the agricultural sector, improving the quality of life, environmental conservation.

The function of the

  • For collecting and processing of hydrological data for the development and management of water resources for present and future.
  • To access the hydrological data for water resources to ensure that the information provided is sufficient for implementing development plans and management.
  • To provide service hydrology (floods and droughts) in major river basins in Perak


  1. Development, O & M for Hydrological Network.
    To develop, manufacture and test equipment or hydrological system to suit local conditions. Provide support services in the field of hydrological equipment. Using equipment in major irrigation and drainage schemes.
  2. Collect, process, archive & disseminate hydrological information & data.
    Coordinate activities of hydrology in Perak State which is responsible for the operation and maintenance of the station and field data collection. Collect, process, store and recover hydrological data for planning, development and management of water resources.
  3. Forecast & Warning Flood.
    Water resources assessment and monitoring of drought. To develop the system of forecasting and flood warning to major river basins. Monitor and assess drought in major river basins in turn reported to the Division of water resources management and Hydrological drainage Malaysia.