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The Role

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The Quantity Surveying and Contract Management is a division that provides support services in matters of contract management and procurement projects for JPS Perak.

The key role played by the Quantity Surveying and Contract Management at JPS Perak is a quantity surveying specialist services to all Divisions, District and Project Office to ensure that all projects:

1. Implemented effectively, efficiently and consistently in accordance with the procedures and government policies.

2. Achieve optimal cost and earned value accordingly.

3. Meet the criteria of public accountability that was entrusted to the Department.


Providing effective quantity surveying and contract management services and efficient advisory services to ensure all JPS projects conducted fairly and efficiently and meet the criteria of public accountability.


1. Implementing technical auditing of documents and certificates relating to the procurement and contract (Works, Supply and Services).

2. Advising on procurement and contract administration.

3. Inform and make distributions to all Divisions, District and Project Office on new and latest circulars and guidelines.

4. The Secretariat for:

  1. Tender Opening Committee for JPS Perak.
  2. Work Variation Committee for JPS Perak.
  3. Temporary Quantity Approval Committee for JPS Perak.
  4. Quotation Committee for JPS Perak.

Duties and Responsibilities

The Quantity Surveying and Contract Management Section is responsible for the following:

Pre Contract

1. Prepare / review tender documents and manage the ads and tendering.

2. Invite, evaluate and preparation of the tender report.

Post Contract

1. Provide a Letter of Acceptance of Tender to the successful tenderer and manage the contract price adjustment and delegation of authority letter.

2. Prepare / review and distribute contract documents.

3. Reviewing progress assessment and interim payment certificates.

4. Prepare / Review Applications for Work Variation Approval, Approval Application for Temporary Quantity, the Contract Price Adjustment Application, Statement of Final Account and Final Certificate Account and Payments.

5. Checking Certificate of Delay and Extension of Time and Completion Certificate.

6. Checking the Adjustment of Provisional Sums Application.

7. Attend the Site Meeting.


1. Providing advisory services in connection with procedure and contract management.

2. Provide advice on matters and general problems related to contract administration.

Other Responsibilities

1. Updating and monitoring for SMATRAK System projects of JPS Perak.

2. To download / update the tender information on our JPS Perak website.