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ISO 14001 - Environmental Management (Kinta River)

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Department of irrigation and drainage Perak is committed towards providing the Kinta River Management Service (maintenance and development) effective in compliance with all requirements of the legislation of the relevant environmental and other requirements as well as working to penambaikan on an ongoing basis through:-

  • Control maintenance activities and development of the Kinta River so as not to pollute and reduce environmental
  • Create secure recreational zone, user friendly and environmentally friendly
  • Monitoring of the effluent that is discharged into the river
  • Check parameters river water according to the water quality index (WQI) at the specified location

The objectives of the

  • Improve Water quality index along the Kinta River 32 Km from class IV to class II
  • Reduce the rate of solid waste in the river of 30 tons/month to zero in 2015
  • Enhance the beauty of the environment throughout the 32 Km in 2015

ISO 14001 – Certification program environmental management (management of the Kinta River) is being piloted the implementation. Internal audits were made on 22 and 23 February 2011. Compliance is expected to be made in October 2011.