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River Square at Kg. Hujung Rintis, Kota Setia, Perak Tengah

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The scope of the project involves the construction of:

  • Dataran Sg Perak River.
  • A semi-detached chalet
  • Grilled fish stalls
  • Public toilets
  • "Roof to 49"

No. Contract: JPS/c/PK/SG/4/2011

Construction and completion of the square and business premises phase I
and related works at kg. End Pilot, Mukim Kota Setia,
The District Of Perak Tengah, Perak D.R.

Contractor: Combined Small Farmers Cooperative Perak Berhad
The date property of the site: 3.8.2011
Term of completion: 20.12.2011 (20 weeks)
Project status:D alam construction. Progress of 34%