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River Ranger

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River Ranger program is a program image River where a cluster of communities voluntarily make observation and testing air sungai periodically. Image made Managing a variety of appropriate updates either engage neat neat biology and chemistry, comprehensive diagnosis involved neat physical observation. From the observation and testing made the status of air quality River that is specified. After an extended period of time, the polar air quality in an area that is known to either the air quality improved and comprehensive diagnosis was fuelled by the bad.



Biological Image

A neat to find out the level of air quality in an area have to make aquatic insects are very sensitive to HeiTech Padu Berhad air quality air quality indicators they River. This update Managing connections easy and cheap. Between the connection needed is a chart that shows the fersusun for each type of insects, Magnifier, Providers and the container to collect. Each insect found observed kind to known fersusun represents. The average fersusun collected from the experiments will show air quality in site applicant/* * *.

River Ranger School 2011:-

  • SMJK Poi Lam, Ipoh
  • SMK Raja Shahriman, Beruas (22 students)
  • SMK Tun Perak, Padang Rengas (35 students)



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