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Integrated River Basin Management (IRBM)

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IRBM is the process of adjustment in the care, management and development of water resources, land and related resources across all sectors within a river basin. IRBM aims to maximize socio-economic benefits for sustainable water resources and at the same time preserve and restore natural ecosystem water resources. It is a sustainable management of land and water by natural geographical border regardless of the administrative boundary. IRBM objectives is to ensure that sufficient water, clean water, reducing the risk of flooding and improve the environment. Implementation of effective IRBM requires the involvement of various stakeholders to play their respective roles especially in 8 components IRBM.

Diagram Components IRBM


The Definition Of River

Sungai means water bodies in mainland normally flow in the surface of the land or is likely to flow through an underground tunnel. The national land code 1965 interpret rivers any river, stream, caruk or other natural flow, and any branches of the River, the flow-delta or detour made thereof.

The Definition Of River Basin

River basin means the area of land from which all surface runoff flows through a network of subsidiary rivers, major rivers, and the possibility of Lake and ends into the sea through a kuala, estuary or delta.